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Dark Tea

Dark tea is a necessity for the ethnic groups living in Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and northwestern regions where tea is more important than food. They have a proverb : " It is better not to have food for three days than not to have tea for one day. " Because their major food includes dairy products, beef and mutton, and highland barley. They seldom have melons, fruits, or vegetables. Tea is their secret to keep a healthy balance.


AS early as in the Northern Song Dynasty ( 960-1127 ) , rough green tea leaves were processed to dark tea. Dark tea`s process is : fresh leaf plucking→fixation→twisting→pile fermentation→drying. For easier transportation, tea leaves are cornpressed, such as Fu brick tea, Qizi cake tea and Tuocha tea. Traditional Dark tea , normally dark brown, uses coarse and old tea as raw material and tastes temperate.


Our Baishaxi Dark tea all from  Xuefeng mountain in Anhua village, Hunan province. Baishaxi Dark tea can be classified into Tianjian tea, Fuzhuan tea, Heizhuan tea and Huazhuan tea. Fuzhuan tea has a " fungoid flower (Golden flower ) " with a unique fungoid flavor.

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