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About Us

TeaWithYou is a Canadian tea company founded by Amy Liang in 2012. Its former names were Spring Tea House and Golden Coast. Amy is a certificated tea sommelier and practitioner. Growing up in her hometown which is famous for Ning Hong Kongfu black tea and cloud mist green tea, Amy has developed genuine passions about tea and tea cultures. She loves to have warm chats with people about tea and any thing else that brightens the day. 


Our tea store is located in Hamilton. We have a wide variety of loose leaf tea, herbal tea, and teawares for you to choose from. The store's environment is very cozy and pleasant which makes it a great place to study or hang out with friends.  


Besides selling loose tea leaves inside our store, we also offer hot speciality tea of choice, iced tea, bubble tea and desserts for you to enjoy. We often hold tea workshops and social meetups in the morning and on the weekends. Please follow our Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned. 

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