Fu Cha Dark Tea made of second class raw green tea in Anhua area via the tradinoal processing technology. Fu Cha Tea, fermented with the fungus, Erotium cristatum, contains a unique phytochemical profile attributed to its unique method of processing. During this process, a specific type of probiotics will start growing, the probiotics named “Golden Flower” (Jin Hua). Fuzhuan tea brick consisits of the probiotic.  The probiotics is in the form of yellow particles inside the the tea bricks.  These particles are also known as golden flowers.  These golden followers can be found after the tea brick has been broken off. It has many health benefits. 


The dry leaf has light medicine and mushroom flavor. The tea liquid golden and bright, it tastes mellow with extraordinary fragrance. 

Fu Cha Dark Tea B ( 2012 )