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Yingde Black Tea is produced in Yingde village in Guangdong province. This tea is made from the tea plant varietal No.9 which is originated from the Yunnan Big Leaf Cultivar called Yunnan Daye Zhong and which was planted in Guangdong province since then. As a result of the research carried out by the Guangdong Tea Research Institute, the new cultivar was bred and named as Ying Hong No. 9 or Ying Hong Jiuhao or Yingde Hongcha.


Yingde Black Tea produced through withering, rolling, fermentation, first baking, and second baking. the shape is tight and fine. the color is brilliant red. It tastes smooth, rich flower flavor and lasting aroma which is a great choice for every day.

Product Number: 518008

Yingde - Black Tea

25 Grams
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