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Wudong Hill is the highest mountain in the Phoenix District. According to the legend, tea planting in Mt.Phoneix started in the end of the southern Song Dynasty. At that time, Song Emperor Zhao Bing was forced into exile by Yuan army. At the Wudong hill in Mt.Phoenix, he was thirsty. His attendants picked some of tender leaves from local tea trees and cooked the tea for him. The tea proved a great relief for Zhao Bing and he highly praised it. Since then,people in Chao`an widely planted tea trees and named local tea tree "Song Strain". Today, on the cliff of the Wudong hill, the two characters"Song strain" can still be seen. In the Wudong hill of Mt.Phoenix, there are sitll over one thousand tea trees planted in different dynasites, including the Song(960-1279), the Yuan(1279-1368), the Ming(1368-1644),the Qing(1644-1911) dynasties and even the modern times. The oldest tea trees are 800 years old and they are the offspring of Song strain.


Though all growing in the Wudong hill and made into the strip-shaped tea with green stem, green central part, and red edge, the phoenix Dancong tea trees have different ages and different germ plasm and thus their own mountain tastes and honey flavors.During brewing, strong aroma can be smelt tea steps away. The tea soups has a strong taste that lasts long .

Origin: Chao Zhou, Guang Dong, China

Water Temperature: 100°C (212°F)

Wu Dong Dan Cong