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Wild Ripe Pu`erh Tea produced from Yibang village in Yunnan province. It is fermented tea. For pu-erh, normally one bud and 3-4 leaves are plucked which the 3rd leaf has stayed much longer on the tree; hence the 3rd and 4th leaf is very rich in polyphenols and minerals. In order to get a strong flavour and aftertaste, the 3rd leaf is essential. 


The process is fresh leaves →sun fixation → rolling → sun drying → Piling →  Drying → Picking → Ripened loose tea Or Compressed into tea cake. 


The tea liquid is bright and dark reddish, it tastes mellow,smooth and timing flavor.

Pu`erh: 12

Wild Loose Pu`erh ( 2014 )

25 Grams
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