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Aged Shou Mei Cake white tea from Mt.Taimu. Mt. Taimu is located in the northeast of Fuding village of Fujian Province. 


Shou Mei is plucked later than White Peony. The fresh leaves requires one bud with two or three leaves, without aged stem.


The feature of this tea is its lingering sweetness with airy and open mouthfeel. Tasting notes of cooked apple with banana and vanilla accents, and pronounced honey-tones that carry through many infusions.


Enjoy this tea not only for its luxurious taste but also for its medicinal benefits. White tea is known for its high antioxidant levels and ability to boost immune systems, and is highly treasured in traditional Chinese tea drinking. In Chinese medicine, aged white tea is a natural antioxidant. Adhere to long-term tea drinking, and it can prevent disease while staving off aging.

Product Number: 218001

Shou Mei White Tea

25 Grams