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Phoenix Dancong oolong tea from Mt.Phoenix. Mt.Phoenix is located in Chao`an country to the north of Chaozhou city of Guangdong Province. About 1,500 meters above sea level, its main peak is the highest peak in Chaozhou district. The area is close to the South China sea and enjoys a warm climate and plenty of rainfall. It is clovered with cloud, mist, and moist air all the year round, making it an ideal place to cultivate Phoenix Narcissus, an improved tea tree variety.


Phoenix Dancong is made with only the leaves of the high-quality individual tea trees among the tall Phoenix Narcissus group variety. The finished tea is straight, fat, and yellowish brown, with intense natural flower scent. The tea soup is clear and has a strong sweet and brisk taste and a special mountain taste and honey flavor, which linger even after repeated brewing.

Origin: Chao Shan, Guang Dong, China

Phoenix Dan Cong (Feng Huang Dan Cong)