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Pear Mountain ( Lishan ) Oolong Tea From Pear mountain located Taichung county in the central highlands of Taiwan, with plantaions ranging to altitudes of 2500 meters.These altitudes provide ideal conditions for oolong tea. Li Shan has a low temperature year-round with abundant moisture.The winter harvest begins in September of the lunar calendar while the Spring harvest starts in June of the lunar calendar. Also, this area is popular summer resort noted for its production of pears, apples and peaches. 


Our tea is the spring picked. All four seasons are slightly different but all four have the same underlying greatness.


The tea liquid is jade-green, it taste sweet, vegetal aromas of artichoke and freshly harvested mushroom, supported by a soft butter silky mouth feel. It can be brewed multiple times.

Origin: Taiwan

Pear Mountain Oolong

25 Grams