Herbal Tea Sampler - 6 Variety Packs (58g / 2oz)


Jasmine Flower 8g pack -Our high quality organic dried Jasmine flower offers an elegant drinking experience. The flora fragrance is mild and refreshing. // Chrysanthemum Buds 8g pack- Flora flavor with sweet note. // Hibiscus 8g pack- Tart with cranberry like flavor // 6 6 packages of single herbal loose tea // Peppermint 6g pack- Whole peppermint leave // Fruit Tea 20g pack- Fruit and herbal infusions include hibiscus, hawthorn, papaya, pineapple and other dried fruits. // Honeysuckles 8g pack- bitter but refreshing. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacerial and calming properties Tea bags // 10 trial paper tea bags with draw string


Herbal Tea Sampler