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Dian Hong Black Tea , it belongs to the large-leaf black tea and is mainly produced in Fengqing village, Yunnan province. The large-leaf plants are rich in polyphenol content. The quanlity of lixiniated substances is also large after brewing.


Dianhong black tea has compact leaves and smooth buds. It is brown and lustrous with golden fuzz. The high-quality products have more fuzz. The fragrance is fresh. The liquid red with an outer golden ring. It has a strong taste. Two toned delicately twisted carefully plucked buds. Rich and well-balanced infusion with notes of roasted sugar, honey molasses and grape jelly. Chocolaty and Leathery mouthfeel. A true joy to experience !

Product Number: 518004

Dian Hong Buds- Black Tea

25 Grams
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