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Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea from Mt.Wuyi. Mt.Wuyi stands in the territory of Wuyishan city of Fujian Province. With beautiful landscape, it is a famous tourist resort. Mt.Wuyi has precipitous cliffs, deep pits, and huge valleys. The ancient people planted tea trees in the rock pits, crevices, and cracks by building embankment with rocks. Year in year out, Mt. Wuyi has ended up with rocks in every corner and tea trees amidst all rocks. Such ideal natural conditions contribute to the high quality of the Da Hong Pao tea. Da Hong Pao has been made for 300 years. It was so highly valued in the ancient times that only the master tea makers were chosen to pick and make the tea. 


Da Hong Pao has a unique quality. The finished tea is seen as tight and greenish brown strips. The orange tea soup sends forth strong aroma, like the lasting fragrance of sweet -scented osmanthus. Such taste is peculiar to Da Hong Pao. Da Hong Pao can last eight to nine rounds of brewing and still keep its fragrance. It is indeed the king of teas. Also, it provides lingering sweet notes of honey, brown sugar and spiced cooked fruits to the palate. A divine ally to a memorable moment!


Origin: Fujian, China

Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao)

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