Bamboo leaf green tea form Mt. Emei, Mt. Emei is located in the southwest of Emei city of Sichuan Province. Mt.Emei is covered with clouds and mists in most of the time and sunshine is rare here. The areas on different altitudes show different climate features.The mountain has lush forests,diversified species,and a good environment for the growth of tea trees.The tea gardens in the mountain are mainly distributed around the Qingyin pavilion,Bailong cave,Wannian temple and Heishui temple.


The fresh leaves of the Bamboo leaf tea are normally picked three to five days before pure brightness. The picking is done when the first bud and first leaf or the first bud and first two leaves begin to open. The buds and leaves should be tender and even and in the same size. The finished Bamboo leaf tea has a flat and smooth appearance.Its two ends are green and tapering like a Bamboo leaf. The tea liquid is green and clear with a rich flavor.The brewed tea leaves are tender,green, and even.Vegetal notes of snow pea and sunflower with a rich floral bouquet.

Tea Class: Green Tea

Origin: Si Chuan, China

Bamboo Leaf Green Tea (Zhu Ye Qing)