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Kuding tea is a special Chinese infusion with unique bitterness and fresh fragrant. It is known as a famous tea to improve your overall health, and relief certain symptoms such as throat pain, cough, fever, headache, toothache, heat stroke, blurry eyes, blood pressure, and obesity. 


In general, it is a remedy to cools your down and reduce inflammation of your body. If you are constantly afraid of cold weather, and tend to have cold hands and feet. Do not drink this. 


Kuding tea is bitter. However after drinking it, your mouth will be full of mellowness and it cools down your body and mind. 


Infusion Tips:

-Prefer filtered water.

-Use boiled water. 

-Try 1 piece for a cup of 150ml if it's your first time. Next time add extra 1 or 2 pieces if you are fine with the degree of bitterness. 

-Better to seperate the infused tea water with the kuding tea after 2-3 min of infusion.

-Only drink moderate amount because it has medical effect.

Kuding Bitter Tea

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